Busy week at the Bakery in 1993!

Bakery hoppers

Big shipment at the bakery. If you look to the right, you can see the overhead pipe that delivered the flour to the bakery.

Normally there was only a hopper or two spotted at the bakery, but this week was either busy or the shipments got doubled up.  A 2013 photo below shows an aerial view of where the tanks sat and where the hoppers were unloaded (green dots).  A corner of the Santa Fe depot is visible in the upper right hand corner of this photo.  This will be featured in a future blog.  I took many photos of this attractive structure in the 1990s.  It still stands today.

Bakery aerial II

Top green dot shows the unloading area. Bottom green dot shows where the tanks sat.


One thought on “Busy week at the Bakery in 1993!

  1. The bakery hoppers are all 2-bay airslides. Besides the Santa Fe one, I can make out an MP behind it, both of which I have in HO scale from Athearn. The MP is the early car body version with vertical ends, the other three are later car body versions with sloped ends.


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