ATSF in Roswell in the 90s

This blog all about creating a model railroad evocative of a special place I lived in the early 1990s–Roswell, New Mexico.  It will be a lot about my modelling efforts but a whole lot more–a special places in the West (especially New Mexico and West Texas), scenery, food, music, things that made life special then and now.  Even though I live a long ways from New Mexico now, it will always be a special part of me.

Stay tuned for the ATSF in Roswell in the 90s.


A picture I took in 1993 of an SD-45 coming in to Roswell and just about to perform a switching operation at the Budweiswer Distributor.  It had three loads of beer to spot.

Note:  The subject matter will be eclectic and sometimes from guest contributors.  All content of this blog (ATSF in Roswell) is copyrighted by C.E. Hunt or the contributor.  Update:  Title of blog was changed to Rails West in 2014.  Contact with questions.

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